Case# 1007

Name: Pierre Saad
Contact: 03-639 993 / 03-305 471
Address: Mar Mikhael street
Case Description: Panels are destroyed, door is damaged and two big wooden interfaces are out of their places.

Value: $3346.50


  • Two big wooden interfaces were out of their places, they should be put back.
  • Several panels were destroyed, and they need to be replaced. Others can be restored.
  • There are 2 wooden panels at the house entrance destroyed.
  • The door is completely damaged. The owner is asking the tenant to restore it into a specific design.
  • This apartment needs two days of cleaning, fixing and installation.
  • It needs about 10 silicone tubes and a lot of glue.
  • 20 hinges needed.
  • Total area of glass with thickness 4mm is 3 m^2.
Case# 1010
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