Bechara Francis
  • Place of Birth: Zeghrine
  • Family Status: Single

Victim of a car accident in 1992, Bechara sustained a head injury which led to mobility loss in both upper and lower limbs. He is bed-bound, unable to move, while relying on others for survival. His single brother is an employee with a limited salary, and is currently the sole income provider for both Bechara and his father.

His father is an LF member and has participated in multiple missions over the course of his life. He benefits from Social Security cover through his employed son. Bechara is also a Beit Chabab resident, however in the recent wake of COVID-19, is required to stay with his family indefinitely.

Bechara is also heavily reliant on medication day-to-day, further incurring basic living expenses to survive.

George Zoghbi
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