Fouad Saadeh
  • Place of Birth: Deir Dourit – 5
  • Family Status: Married
  • Job/Employment: Unemployed
  • Children: 2


Subject to head injury by ballistic bulletin 1983 at Benwateh, he suffers from right side paraplegia and epilepsy as well as chronic depression.  Currently unable to control his movements and shakes continuously. The wife also was injured during the war and suffers from High Blood Pressure.  The injury left no disability. The couple has 2 boys in a primary catholic free school, parents pay only enrollment fees. Family benefits from Social Security cover through a red plate purchased by Fouad brother to this order.  They have no stable income and lives from social assistance whenever available.

PS. They own a piece of land cultivated by olives, yet the cost of maintenance is higher than productivity

Ali Gerges Mansour
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