George Yaacoub
  • Place of Birth: Halba Akkar – 128
  • Family Status: Married
  • Job/Employment: Unemployed
  • Children: 3


George sustained a leg injury x2 during the SHOUF battle, first one in Kfarfalous and the 2nd in Meshref.  Consequently his leg became shorter and weaker.  He is married and lives in his own place with his wife and his children.  The eldest daughter who is continuing her higher studies at the Lebanese University Mastering in Education for Special Needs was in parallel working as a teacher at a public school in Lebaa, however, she was dismissed from her work since she was on a contractual basis.

The son interrupted his uni studies and joined the Police Forces.  The youngest daughter is at university

Father, mother and youngest daughter benefit from Social Security, the son has a medical cover through his work and the eldest daughter is out of medical cover. Additionally, the mother in law lives with the family and has no medical cover.  Her medical condition represents a big burden to the family.

Abdo Hanna Abdelnour
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