Nassim El Zaybak
  • Place of Birth: Talabas el Gharbi – 143
  • Family Status: Married
  • Job/Employment: Unemployed
  • Children: 4

Up to October 2019, Nassim worked as a delivery driver at a restaurant near his home, yet and because of the current situation prevailing in the country, he was dismissed with no indemnity. Married, his wife suffers from obstetric problems and unable to work.  He has one girl who usually works in a chocolate factory alongside her adult brother.  As to the youngest; one works at a hairdresser as apprenticeship and the 2nd is still in primary school- not enrolled for the coming year.

Nassim was subject to open-heart surgery and needs lots of cardiac medications.  They have no medical cover. The family lives in a rented place against LL 525,000.00/month which they haven’t been paying in the last 5 months.

To note that Nassim was subject to a war injury in 1976 in Nabaa which led to weakness and shortness of his right leg.

Hani Rahme
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