Christmas cheer 2020

Steps of Hope, with a generous outpour of support from the Australian community, was able to collect over 2, 540 brand new toys for our Christmas Toy Appeal.

The toys landed safely in Lebanon where our team worked day and night to sort, wrap and deliver all the gifts, getting ready to make this Christmas a special one after the tragic events of 2020. The Lebanese community has been suffering unprecedented economic and political turmoil, a global pandemic, and the devastation of the Beirut Blast on August 4.

Our team began with home visits to the town of Burj Hammoud, delivering the toys to the children’s doorsteps. From there, our team made its way through to Baabda, Sin el Fil, Gemmayzeh and many more areas across the country.

On the 26th of December, Steps of Hope kicked off our Christmas tour riding a Christmas truck through towns to distribute more toys, all while dressed as beloved childhood characters. The kids rejoiced in the streets with Christmas cheer as they were treated to live entertainment with singing, dancing and games.

Our team distributed toys to over 15 different regions in Lebanon, North to South bringing a smile to children’s faces and restoring faith and hope in humanity.

This appeal was a testament to how the gift of giving can help the human spirit in overcoming the worst of times.

If you are willing and able, please help mend broken hearts and give now.

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