As Lebanon continues its battle against poverty, there is one Lebanese company that has made positive change their business. North Farmers Lebanon have generously donating ONE THOUSAND 15,000,000 LBP vouchers per month and distributed them amongst families within the Akkar District in North Lebanon. 

Manufacturers of traditional Lebanese dairy products, North Farmers Lebanon has contributed to the lives of many in recent weeks. Donating a lump sum of 15,000,000 LBP to Steps of Hope, our team is distributing 1,000 vouchers Per month across the governorate to assist those who have been affected by the current Coronavirus pandemic and the country’s economic crisis. 

CEO of North Farmer’s Lebanon stated that “…family is a value that Lebanese people hold dear to their hearts which is why we have tried to stand close to our brothers and sisters during this difficult time. This situation has torn apart the lives of many and has shown us, as humanity, that we need each other now more than ever. ” 

Be inspired by North Farmer’s Lebanon and help contribute to a better Lebanon. Donate now. 


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