AusRelief is an Australian based NGO that is dedicated to alleviating poverty, assisting the less fortunate and helping people build educated, productive, secure, just and self-sustainable communities. 

Steps of Hope has partnered with AusRelief in our mission towards aiding Lebanon. AusRelief have generously donated $100,000 towards our Build Bayti campaign. This means that together, we will be assisting in securing homes and businesses that were damaged by the Beirut blast on August 4 2020, ensuring they are fixed before the upcoming winter in Lebanon. 

The destruction caused by the blast was widespread, leaving over 300,000 people homeless and displaced, not to mention the long-term effects of trauma after living through such a tragic event. 

One such case we have assisted is that of Mrs. Maria Jbeily who lives directly in front of Beirut’s port and lost her home in the town of Mar Mikhael. She has suffered depression and anxiety because of this tragic experience and had lost hope to go back to her house in Beirut. With the help of AusRelief, we were able to help Maria return to a safe home and resume her normal life. 

A huge thank you to AusRelief! With your help, we have been able to expand our reach to repair even more homes and businesses. 

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