Steps of hope proudly sponsored the Bcharri kids festival this year. The event held on 16th July 2022, welcomed over 5000 people to the village of Bcharri. The festival had food stalls lining the road and great entertainment for all families to enjoy.

We were joined on stage by outstanding entertainers designed to cater to every age group from magicians to bands and topped up with fire twirlers for the adults it was definitely a celebration to remember.

Jumping Castles 300m in length were taking up half the road, however, were enjoyed by everyone. Accompanied by the kid wagon holding 20 kids and driven by the tractor, reigniting a sense of culture and community, especially being joined by the Scouts who assisted in ensuring it was a safe and enjoyable day within the village of Bcharri surrounded by the picturesque mountains of Lebanon.

The food stalls including Lebanese pizzas, sweets, drinks even Slurpees were enjoyed by over 3,800 people with over 1000 tickets sold, it’s no secret the festival was great fun for everyone.

A special Thank you to all who attended and made the annual Bcharri kids festival a memorable day.

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