Lebanon is plunging, food donations provided by your generosity are giving families, children and seniors basic food to keep going. Partnering with Lebanese charities has made our aim achievable.

By distributing food hampers, hosting food drives, and providing warm, nutritious meals across Lebanon to needy families, we are continuously helping the people of Lebanon who are suffering from the economic crisis and the rampant pandemic.

Because of your generosity, time, money, solidarity, and energy, we can ensure children are no longer sleeping hungry, stomachs are no longer rumbling, and frowns are turned into smiles.

Together with you, our generous donors, and alongside various Lebanese non-profit organizations, Steps of Hope continues to work hard towards our mission of helping others.

We take a step forward in the journey of bringing about change; we take STEPS of HOPE every day.

If you would like to contribute to providing food to others, please donate now.

Matbakh Mariam
Following the Beirut blast and thereafter, this Lebanese non-profit organisation has dedicated itself to providing daily home-cooked lunch for literally anyone who comes to its location in Beirut, fill up their tupperwares, and leave fulfilled.

By welcoming people from all walks of life, Matbakh Mariam alleviates hunger and fuels bodies with nutritious food. Not only does the organisation cook fresh meals, but has expanded its efforts to food distribution, finding new ways to support those who cannot make it to pick up their prepared meals.

Every month, since July 2021, with the help of your donations and our volunteers, Steps of Hope ramps up these efforts and offers the organisation with the needed resources and critical nutrients from pasta to oils, allowing it to reach a larger number of people.

  • July: 150kg rice, 150kg lentils, 150kg bulgur, 100kg Chickpeas, 13 gallons of oil, 100 pkts pasta, 37.2kg tomato paste, 36 bottles of vinegar
  • August: 100kg Chickpeas, 30 gallons of oil, 74.4kg tomato paste, 55kg salt
  • September: 4.5Kg spices, 30 gallons of oil, 80 pkts pasta, 115.2kg tomato paste, 50kg salt
  • October: 15 gallons of oil, 3kg spices, 50kg moghrabieh, 150kg tomato paste, 90 pcs sponge, 20 pkts tissue, 12 pkts toilet paper, 24 bottles of dishwashing soap
  • November: 150kg tomato paste, 15 gallons of oil, 18kg milk, 40kg red beans, 45.5kg rice, 3 big bowls, 20kg garbage bags, 3.5kg plastic bags
  • December: 150 Kg Tomato Paste, 15 Gallons Oil, 25 Kg Whole Chicken, 15 Kg Meat.
  • January: 150 Kg Tomato Paste, 15 Gallons Oil, 18 Kg Moghrabiye, 120 Pkts Pasta, 8.5 L Olive Oil, 18 Kg Milk, 36Kg Vermicelli, 4 Kg Spices, 3.5 Kg Minced Meat.
  • February: 150 Kg Tomato Paste, 100 Pkts Pasta, 41.25 Kg Milk, 5 Kg Spices, 11 Kg White Beans, 48 Litres Lemon Juice.
  • March: 28.8 Kg Tomato Paste, 60 Pkts Pasta, 18 Kg Milk, 6 Kg Spices, 25 Kg Salt, Rice 10 Kg, Oil 24 L, 40 L Lemon Juice, 12 L Cleaning Chemicals.
  • April: 24 L Oil, 18 Kg Milk, 18 Kg Beans, 2 Kg Spices, 100 Pkts Pasta, 2 L Lemon Juice, 10 Boxes Gloves, 12 Pkts Trash Bags, 15 L Cleaning Chemicals.
  • May: 36 L Oil, 25 Kg Tomato Paste, 20 Kg Beans, 18 Kg Milk, 60 L Lemon Juice, 12 Pkts Trash Bags.
  • July: 10 Kg Seven Spices, 10 Kg Chilli Powder, 7 Kg Cinamon Powder, 7 Kg Cinamon Stickes, 14 Kg Moghrabiyeh Spices.

Saed Khayyak
Because our shared humanity is always a reminder to help others, Saed Khayyak charity brings comfort to the underserved communities of Sin el Fil by supporting people in food and medication insecurity.

To feed the poor, we were highly motivated to reach out to as many people as possible and help the needy during these tough times. Therefore, starting October 2021, Steps of Hope extended its hand to Saed Khayyak by supplying some food aid.

Real change starts with all of us working hand in hand to alleviate the suffering of those who are less privileged. We came together with Saed Khayyak to put smiles on innocent faces and help them to obtain food, spreading happiness across.

  • October: 26kg rice, 96 cans of tuna, 72 cans of green peas, 60 pkts pasta, 25kg milk, 50 bottles of oil
  • November: 50kg sugar, 63kg rice, 48 cans of tuna, 48 cans of green peas, 72 pkts pasta, 24 cans of beans, 25kg of milk, 50 bottles of oil, 10 solar home lighting systems
  • December: 50 Kg Sugar, 25 Kg Milk, 50 Bottles Oil, 18 Kg Rice, 20 Kg Lentil, 9 Kg Red Beans, 24 Cans Green Peas, 24 Cans Bean, 96 pkts Pasta.
  • January: 50 Kg Sugar, 30 Kg Milk, 105 Bottles Oil, 18 Kg Rice, 16 Kg Lentil, 36 Cans Green Peas, 24 Cans Bean, 34 Kg Salt.
  • February: 74 Kg Chickpeas, 11 Kg Milk, 500 Tea Bags, 12 Jars Mayonnaise, 48 Pkts Cheese, 225 Pkts Butter, 24 Kg Salt.
  • March: 9 Kg Milk, 60 Jars Mayonnaise, 68.8 L Oil, 9 Kg Rice, 9 Kg Sugar, 48 Cans Green Peas, 120 Pkts Pasta.
  • April: 144 Cans Chickpeas, 96 Pcs Chocolate, 18 Kg Rice, 50 Kg Rice, 24 Kg Salt, 18 Kg Beans, 20 Pkts Pasta, 5.8 L Oil, 24 Cans Meat.
  • May: 45 Kg Rice, 25 Kg Lentil, 18 Kg Milk, 48 Cans Beans, 40 Pkts Pasta, 48 Cans Green Peas.
  • July: 9 Kg Rice, 9 Kg Lentil, 6 Kg Milk, 132 Cans Red Beans, 7 Kg Beans.
  • September: 24 Kg Salt, 40 Pcs Pasta, 108 Cans Beef, 17 Kg Milk, 48 Cans Beans, 9 Kg Chickpeas, 9 Kg Rice.
  • October: 24 Kg Salt, 72 Pcs Pasta, Lentil 10 Kg, 15 Kg Milk, 30 Kg Beans, 23 Kg Rice.
  • November: Salt 24 Kg, Pasta 120 Pcs, Milk 9 Kg, Beans 96 Pcs, Green Beans 20Kg, Tuna 24 Pcs, Rice 18 Kg.
  • December: 24 Kg Salt, 120 Pcs Pasta, Lentil 18 Kg, 8 Kg Milk, 120 Cans Beans, 23 Kg Rice.
  • January: 24 Kg Salt, 72 Pcs Pasta, Lentil 18 Kg, 5 Kg Milk, 96 Pcs Beans, 18 Kg Rice, 48 Pcs Tuna.
  • February: 24 Kg Salt, 120 Pcs Pasta, 9 Kg Sugar, 11 Kg Milk, 120 Cans Beans, 9 Kg Rice.
  • March: 192 Cans Beans, 120 Cans Chickpeas, 18 Kg Rice, 24 Kg Salt, 72 Cans Green Peas, 48 Cans Meat.
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