The Beirut Fire Brigade tragically lost 10 of its members in the explosion on August 4, 2020 that damaged almost half of Beirut, leaving casualties and hundreds of thousands displaced. The catastrophic event also led to the Lebanese government’s resignation.

A team composed of nine male firefighters and a female paramedic were ordered to respond to a fire at Beirut’s port, but they did not know the magnitude of chaos that awaited them, as they walked blindly into what would be a tragic sacrifice that involved their lives.

The fire brigade carries the slogan, “Chivalry- Sacrifice – Loyalty”; the brigade’s team of 10 embodied this right until the end.

Our team visited the Beirut Fire Brigade to offer condolences and assess their needs. Steps of Hope sent a donation that was used to buy 130 new uniforms and boots, enough for the entire team.

Lieutenant Georges Kachi said, “From Beirut’s Fire Brigade we want to thank Steps of Hope for their generosity and thank each and every member of the organisation.”

We couldn’t have done any of this without you! Thank you for your generosity, and please keep helping us to support essential services on the ground in Lebanon. Donate here!


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