Over the course of Ramadan this year, Steps of Hope in partnership with AusRelief, distributed 6,000 full fresh chickens to families in the northern villages of Lebanon.

AusRelief is an Australian based NGO that is dedicated to alleviating poverty, assisting the less fortunate and helping people build educated, productive, secure, just and self-sustainable communities.

Lebanon is suffering the worst economic crisis in its history with hyperinflation of consumer goods and the Lebanese Lira losing 90 percent of its value. Unemployment rates have also plummeted, and more than half of Lebanon is living below the poverty line leaving citizens struggling to survive. Necessities such as meat and poultry are unaffordable for most people.

A special thank you to AusRelief for their continued support in our cause to help Lebanon.

If you would like to help Lebanon back on its feet, please donate today.

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