2020 has shown little remorse for our little Lebanon as the economy, currency, employment rates (and more) plunge into the depths of despair. While famine and poverty increase, this leaves almost half of the population living below the poverty line — a 20% increase since September 2019 — with little to no money to purchase staple living items.

For Steps of Hope and partner Red in Circle Association (RICA), there has never been a more appropriate time to help bring hope to those who are victim to the horrors of Lebanon’s torment.

Together, we compiled over 10 tonnes of food, sorted them into 25kg boxes and distributed to approximately 400 families across the Jbeil and Maten regions. Although a colossal effort, this is nowhere near enough to help the Lebanese people get back on their feet.

We urge you to donate as much as you can. If you cannot give, we ask you to share in our Mission and spread the word.

Steps of Hope teamed up with Rica to distribute over 6,000 food rations.
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