Lebanon’s economic slowdown has led to the closure of thousands of businesses and the layoff of hundreds of thousands of employees. These employees and their families are left with no income, no support and no government welfare to help them.

In an effort to assist those who have been affected drastically by the economic crisis and the Coronavirus pandemic, Steps of Hope teamed up with RICA to distribute over 6,000 food rations across the country. 

“A thank you is not enough, especially with our country’s bad economic situation, where the government is not capable of helping its people during the period we are going through.” said one man. Unemployed for over a year, another man expressed how thankful he is by saying “RICA helped me survive especially with the help and support provided for me.” 

Dolly, a widow and mother of 5 children under the age of 10, told us that her “situation is tough because I live alone with my children, where I don’t have any financial support, and I’m unemployed.” She continued to say “I want to Thank RICA’s organization, that is helping me until we find a solution for the time being with the government.” 

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